3 Acts to Check Out at Next Week's St. Lou Fringe

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St. Lou Fringe Fest is a 10-day, action-packed, artistic extravaganza featuring local alternative performers (70 percent of the billing hails from this fair city) and those from all over the nation. From June 17-27,  a multitude of them will immerse St. Louisans in their art, performance art, live music, dance and comedy—all of which is uncensored (not to say there isn’t family-friendly content), original and fairly short. With so many different acts in such a small amount of time, we’ve rounded up our top three must-sees to make choosing just a bit easier. But with a commitment to low prices—100 percent of which go to the creatives—there’s no reason not to hit them all.

Lola van Ella at 2014's "Five-Fifths: the Life and Times of Marie Antoinette." Photo by Allan Crain, courtesy of the St. Lou Fringe.

Lola van Ella at 2014’s “Five-Fifths: the Life and Times of Marie Antoinette.” Photo by Allan Crain, courtesy of the St. Lou Fringe.

1/ “Paper Glass” by MonTra Performance

This visually stunning performance art piece follows a 10-year-old girl named Alex White as she struggles to grow up in a world made up mostly of nonsense. This surreal piece is accentuated through set design, with the stage taking on the appearance of a wasteland made entirely of crumpled paper. Alex tries to understand the world around her, but in a world made up wholly of adult logic, how is a child expected to understand?

2/ “Men Will Be Boys” by Scot Moore

This one-man show takes a critical look at society, specifically the institutionalized sexism that exists today and its impact on a man’s ability to become an individual. From infancy to adulthood, Scot Moore takes the viewer on a journey to show the influences that mold some men into hypermasculine womanizers.

3/ The Claudettes

This Chicago-based group got their start as a house band for the now-notorious Claudette in 2011, and have been steadily making a name for themselves ever since. Their second album, “NO HOTEL!,” is set to release soon, but in the meantime, catch this trio rocking the stage at Fringe Fest. For more information, visit theclaudettes.com.

Some other acts definitely worth checking out include “Every Stache Has a Story,” detailing the tales of different men and their facial hair, and the Nefarious Bakers Improv Comedy show.

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