When Food Attacks

The top five worst foods to eat on a first date.   Food has a way of mocking me—especially when someone else is watching. The trauma is magnified when food attacks me in front of that special [...]

Meet Your Match

Spice up your next dinner party with bold, new pairings.   Most of us are familiar with the traditional guidelines of proper food and drink pairings—white wine goes with fish, beer couples well [...]

Mobile Munchies

Local eateries take to the streets   Lunch on the run has a whole new meaning, thanks to the food truck frenzy hitting the streets of St. Louis. During lunch, it’s now common to see the [...]

Recently Ringed

Three St. Louis couples share their engagement stories.   ALYSSA WORTH, 26 & EUGENE TUCKER, 29 HOW WE MET Eugene and I met a few times last year through mutual friends, but I was in a [...]

Wizards of Ahhhhh!

Fire Dancers, confetti cannons and cocktails, oh my! A St. Louis couples wedding has heart, smarts and the courage to stand out.   Beth Gray and Chris Susic knew exactly what they wanted for [...]

Black Ice

Turn down the lights in favor of dark-as-night diamonds this fall.   The latest trend in fine jewelry is causing many a shopper to question two theories they’ve long held as truths: if [...]

Girl Talk

Saint Louis Fashion Week visiting designer Rebecca Taylor on her “groovy” roots, booming namesake and designing for the flirty, feminine set.   As it was scheduled for a date merely [...]

Plaid & Simple

With tried-and-true tartans among todays top trends, theres no need to think outside the box.   Sure, the pattern bears a connection to Kurt Cobain, but before you think about going grunge this [...]

Snake Charmers

From tempting totes to bold, embossed pumps, snakeskin is in for fall.   When it comes to working fashion’s biannual “main ideas,” you have two choices: forego practicality in [...]

Blonde Ambition

When the no-nonsense fashion world confined her to a “Barbie” box, St. Louis-bred designer Laura Kathleen Planck followed the lead of “Project Runways” most successfulshe [...]