14 Quotes On What Creativity Means From ALIVE Contributors

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When we were putting together The Creativity Issue, we wondered what the term “creativity” means to different people. To many, it means making a work of art and to others, it’s a complex feeling. So, we decided to ask the writers, the chefs, the photographers, the poets and the artists who helped us create the latest issue what creativity means to them. These are their answers.


Photo by Attilio D’Agostino

Nancy Bell 
“ … vigilant doubt management! Doubt must be boxed and stacked and scheduled and shuffled and argued with and sent to its room without supper. This is basically what creativity consists of.”

Sarah Hermes Griesbach 
“… fearless. Try to control it and we get a parody of something real. Give humans room to create from their own places of understanding and they hit universal truths.” alltheartstl.com 

James McAnally 
“ … a way to see the world differently; to create is to make it different, in varying degrees.” temporaryartreview.com 

Jennifer Silverberg 
“ … an invitation to explore, devour, reflect, and move. It is an insatiable curiosity. It is a compulsion and an inspiration. It is a deep breath on a crisp day. It is the warm sun streaming through the slightly parted curtains of my bedroom. It is letting the bad ideas go in order to make room for the good ones, and recognizing the difference. It is everything.” jennifersilverberg.com

Rikki Byrd 
“ … self-liberation. It is a way to make sense of a complicated world through innovation and storytelling. Creativity is driven by inspiration and how a person’s ideas impact a larger community. It is a projection of who we have been, who we are, and who are we becoming.”

Kat Hinkle 
Hair + Makeup Artist
“ … taking a small piece of yourself and adding it to the world.”

Amber Perry 
Hair + Makeup Artist
“I see creativity as self-expression and individuality, using personal thoughts and feelings to create your own form of art.”

Michelle Volansky 
“To me, creativity means you feel the need to express yourself by creating something. Making a statement by writing a song, releasing some anger by penning a poem, or just drawing because you can’t imagine life without it.”

Attilio D’Agostino
“I frequently ponder the mysteriousness of creativity. I am fascinated by the way ideas bubble up from my subconscious fully formed and I’m entirely unable to trace their genesis. I don’t have a specific creative process. I follow my curiosity and devour the stories and information that fascinate me. I know this reservoir of moods and tales inspires and drives me to create, but I don’t know how or why all the words become pictures.”

Matt Kile 
“Creativity, for me, is about curiosity. My work relies on the ability to solve a problem so it is important to remain open and curious enough to see a solution which wasn’t there before.”

Ben Poremba
“Creativity doesn’t necessarily mean doing something new, unfamiliar, and without reference; in its most poignant form, creativity means elevating the old, the familiar, to heights heretofore unexperienced.”

Eileen G’Sell
“ … to swim the waters of thought and expression that others have bequeathed to arrive at your own unusual shore.”
Twitter: @Reckless_Edit

Raphael Maurice 
“ … a force to be used well, with regularity. It requires nurturing and encouragement, not just from others but from the self. Creativity and discipline complement each other, like husband and wife, a frame around a painting, an olive in a martini.”

Kat Reynolds 
“ … the innate response your mind composes to express what you can not always place in a tupperware container of mundane. It takes over your senses and allows you the pleasure of relaxed skill, which in turn reciprocates a gift that no mathematic equation can achieve. It is not learned, but fed; for it is living.”

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