10 Travel Bloggers In The Heartland Who Will Inspire You

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One scroll through Instagram results in many of us wrestling with persuasive feelings of wanderlust—the kind that can lead you to a Cheryl Strayed-esque backpacking adventure through the wilderness. If you’re itching to plan your next adventure but don’t know where to start, look to these 10 Midwest jet-setters for instant inspiration.

Tatventures Midwest Travel Blogger Alive Magazine

Photo credit: Tatventures

Tatventures: Chicago, IL
Based in the Windy City, Tatyana of Tatventures paints a beautiful narrative around each of her international adventures, complete with breathtaking photography. Check out her most recent excursion to Jasper National Park in Canada.

Rebecca Wanderlusting: Chicago, IL
Touted as a travel blog for the young professional, Rebecca Wanderlusting is a go-to resource for no-nonsense travel tricks and advice. If you’ve ever felt nervous before a flight, read these tips for dealing with airport anxiety and observe as the tension melts away.

Little Things Travel Blog: Chicago, IL
Originally from Chicago, Little Things Travel Blog’s Marissa Sutera chronicles each of her domestic and international travel journeys through her blog. She consistently urges travelers to take a step back and enjoy each little moment of their trip, hence the namesake blog.

Midwest Travel Blogger A Study In Chic Alive Magazine

Photo credit: A Study In Chic

A Study in Chic: St. Louis, MO
Fashion-focused with a travel twist, Tracy of A Study in Chic shares her travels in the most eye-catching, colorful ways. Look to her “Postcards From…” series for tips on traveling to Greece, Italy and more.

Mattea Linae: St. Louis, MO

Currently splitting her time between St. Louis and Colorado, Mattea Linae is no stranger to persistent travel. Check out the travel section of the blog for nature-inspired photography from her adventures to Colorado, Washington D.C. and more.

Midwest Travel Alive Magazine Out To Eat Travel Blogger

Photo credit: Out To Eat

Out To Eat: Kansas City, MO
Dedicated to the art of travel and food, Kansas City-based Out To Eat features some of the most tasty destinations across the U.S. and beyond. Don’t miss the blog’s recent Charleston Travel Guide, which features some of the most picturesque spots for accommodations and dining across the city.

Catch Me If You Can: Detroit, MI

Born and raised in Detroit, Jessica of Catch Me If You Can has chronicled her travels through the blog since 2008, when she moved to Japan. Since then, Jessica has traveled to over 80 countries and has contributed her travel writing to the likes of Conde Nast Traveler, Ebony, Bloomberg and more.

Traveling Chic: Minneapolis, MN
If traveling stylishly–and not necessarily packing lightly–is up your alley, don’t miss lifestyle-and-travel blog Traveling Chic. Penned by serial adventurer Jenny Dolphin, the blogger regularly features dining and activity guides for each of her international destinations.

Midwest Travel Alive Magazine

Photo credit: Kristin Luna

Camels & Chocolate: Nashville, TN
Based in Nashville but traveling worldwide, Kristin Luna of Camels & Chocolate is anything but ordinary. After kicking off her career in journalism, Luna ditched the traditional working world and opted for freelance work that affords her the ability to travel. Don’t miss her guides covering Antigua, Belgium, Costa Rica and beyond.

Bleubird: Nashville, TN
Consisting of a mix of fashion, motherhood and travel content, James Kicinski-McCoy’s Bleubird is the ubiquitous lifestyle blog. Check out the blog’s travel section for city guides with beautiful visuals, touching on everything from bed and breakfasts in Texas to a leisurely guide to Cozumel, Mexico.

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