10 Iconic Fashion Looks You Can Recreate For Halloween

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When it comes to Halloween costumes we prefer to spend our money putting together looks the old-fashioned way. Here are 10 iconic fashion looks that you can recreate for Halloween with just a quick trip to the thrift store.

1/ The “Heathers”
’90s bangs, nasty-girl attitudes and the sweetest collection of shoulder-padded blazers you’ve ever seen, creates the perfect costume for you and your closest frenemies.

Photo courtesy of imdb

Photo courtesy of IMDb.

2/ Anna Wintour or Grace Coddington
With a few sassy wigs and items you can surely mix and match from your own closet, you can easily recreate one or both of fashion’s most dynamic duo. Don’t forget the “I’m over it” glare.


Photo MARTIN BUREAU/AFP/GettyImages.

3/ Anyone from the Cast of “Saved by the Bell”
For your co-ed friend group or just as a single, your favorite Bayside High student can be recreated in a quick trip to Goodwill. Don’t forget the Aqua Net, ladies and gents.

Photo courtesy of IMDb

Photo courtesy of IMDb.

4/ Barb
The long lost character from “Stranger Things” has everything it takes to be Halloween 2016’s favorite pop culture costume: Internet street cred, cool glasses and a killer retro blouse collection.

Photo courtesy of mirror.co.uk

Photo courtesy of mirror.co.uk.

5/ “Thelma & Louise”
Feminism should always be on the agenda and there are no better power babes to recreate than the dynamic duo of Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis.

Photo courtesy of IMDb

Photo courtesy of IMDb.

6/ Hillary Clinton
Ok, so this one is a bit political, but who wouldn’t want an excuse to wear a perfectly monotone pantsuit and the shortest kitten heel you can find?


Photo courtesy of thefederalist.com

Photo courtesy of thefederalist.com.

7/ Rihanna’s Marie Antoinette
Sure, the classic version is equally iconic, but when CR Fashion Book gave Marie Antoinette a street-wise makeover starring Rihanna, we couldn’t help but fall in love with the royal rebel once again.

Photo by Terry Richardson for CR Fashion Book

Photo by Terry Richardson for CR Fashion Book.

8/ Justice
Janet Jackson’s enviable wardrobe in “Poetic Justice,” included more iconic looks than we can count.

Photo courtesy of IMDb

Photo courtesy of IMDb.

9/ Ginger McKenna
“Casino” represented a whole new level of glam, and Ginger McKenna was the greedy vixen in all of us.

Photo courtesy of IMDb

Photo courtesy of IMDb.

10/ Edie Beale

A life that was equally fashionable and poetic as it was lonely and isolated, Edie Beale is not only a stylish character to recreate, she was one of substance as well.

Photo courtesy of College Fashion

Photo courtesy of College Fashion.

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