10 Fashion Instagrammers We Love

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If you are anything like us, perusing Instagram for fashion and style inspiration is one of our favorite pastimes. To ensure you aren’t missing a beat on some of the best that the world of social media has to offer, we present our list of 10 favorites to follow:

Jacey Duprie first began Damsel in Dior in 2009 before turning her hobby of blogging into a full-time job in 2011. Her Instagram covers every aspect of a trend- and jet-setter’s life: From romping around New York City in the most stylish asymmetric wrap skirt to exploring the Ngorongoro Crater in Africa. A scroll through her profile will have you asking, “Can I please be her?”


Shalice Noel is a Chicago-based stylist and blogger who never fails to look like she’s right out of an Anthropologie ad while rounding up her four adorably adorned children. Shalice makes motherhood look like a trend you’d love to try (if it means frequently sporting ripped Rag + Bones and thrifted peep toe heels, that is).


Unconventional and off-the-grid owner of Tunnel Vision, a vintage apparel website, Madeline Pendleton proudly proclaims herself as a weird chick wanting to provide other weird chicks with weird clothes. Slum and grunge-lovers alike will congregate when they catch a glimpse of this Instagram that “isn’t for girls that want to be pretty.”


This silver fox has created a virtual closet so that every “Where did you get this?” can be answered. He also documents his frequent travels as a style savant who has more than earned his title as one of the most influential men in fashion today. Idolized and worshipped by 448k followers, you could say a Wooster cult as accumulated via Instagram.

This summer gal is livin’ on island time, where rompers and cut-offs are a lifestyle. Not only are the Hawaiian views to die for but the fashion is just as drop-dead, with featured online brands like Soleil Blue Designer Swimwear and Sabo Skirt.

Take a stroll through this man-about-town’s Instagram and you’ll come across some favorite faces in fashion: Karlie Kloss, Karl Lagerfeld, Lady Gaga, Nicole Richie, the Delevingne sisters and Zac Posen, just to name a few. Current Editor-at-Large at Harper’s Bazaar, this guy is not only invited to the party, but is the party himself.

Fashion-meets-art as each high-fashion wardrobe piece is paired with a painting, sculpture or some sort of expression. An innovative combination, this stylistic Instagram showcases the evolution and experimentation of progressive fashion.

“West coast, best coast” is the mantra of this profile and it’s hard to disagree with the LA-lovin’ street style they feature on the daily. The Coveteur even did a special Wedding Week where they posted on everything from non-“basic” bachelorettes to same-sex marriage and how to get your wedding featured in the New York Times.


Originally inspired by a 77-year-old countess of Glamour wrapped in an emerald green cape, a matching turban and armloads of bangles, Ari Seth Cohen became engrossed in the vibrant and glamorous community of older men and women in New York City. His Instagram, Advanced Style serves as proof “from the wise and silver-haired set” that personal style only gets better with age.


A Hallowed Ground fashion blogger who consistently posts his OOTD, Joel Mcloughlin has reliably rounded up almost 22k followers. Leather-wearing with an impressive collection of lace-ups, he is the perfect compilation of festival-goer-meets-grunge.


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