10 Art Exhibits to Visit in St. Louis this Month

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March in St. Louis sees some great visual arts exhibits, including classic Impressionist works, a unique street photography exhibit and a high-drama, liberation-inspired display. Read through our list of the top art exhibits this month, and make your gallery- or museum-touring plans.

Readykeulous by Ridykeulous: This is What Liberation Feels Likeā„¢
Jan. 24-April 13, Contemporary Art Museum
If you are into bold messages and unusual art, you won’t want to miss this installation exhibit from artists Nicole Eisenman and A.L. Steiner. From their combined initiative, Ridykeulous, these two present powerful and emotional works from more than forty artists or activists.

Lamiaeceae by Rain Harris

Lamiaceae, 2013, by Rain Harris. Photo courtesy of Duane Reed Gallery.

Rain Harris
Feb. 28-March 29, Duane Reed Gallery
Artist Rain Harris continues to amaze fans with her intricate glass work. In this new exhibition, she presents viewers with a series of extremely realistic ceramic and glass plants, all of different types, colors, sizes and shapes.

Memory, Objects, and Place
March 1-27, Mad Art Gallery
Four St. Louis artists come together to present this exhibit focused on how objects pertain to place. Each artist presents his or her unique view of how to view abandoned spaces, memories of the past, history and more.

Tradition Redefined: The Larry and Brenda Thompson Collection of African-American Art
March 5-May 18, SLUMA
Experience more than 60 sculptures, oil paintings, mixed media and ceramics in this unique exhibit featuring celebrated African-American artists like Romare Bearden and Henry O. Tanner as well as contemporary artists such as Howardena Pindell and William T. Williams.

Varsity Art: XVIII
March 7-27, Art St. Louis
Art St. Louis holds its 18th annual invitational exhibition featuring pieces created by undergraduate art students. Those who visit “Varsity Art” will see works representing 17 different colleges and universities in both Missouri and Illinois.

“Telescopic” by Shane Simmons
March 7-29, Bruno David Gallery
Artist Shane Simmons has long studied painting and its history. He believes that painting can still be used as a means for accessing, describing and recording details of human life. Viewers will see his unique style and color choice in this new exhibit.

St. Louis Shoots: Contemporary Street Photographers from St. Louis
March 7-April 27, International Photography Hall of Fame
Featuring artwork from recognized artists like Yvette Drury Dubinsky and Bob Reuter, this unique photo exhibit takes a look at the vibrant history of street photography in the city. You can witness the changing urban environment and the rich culture through these impressive photographs.

Egret by Amy Buxton Courtesy of SOHA Studio and Gallery

Egret by Amy Buxton
Courtesy of SOHA Studio and Gallery

“AIR” Photography and Video Exhibit
March 14-22, SOHA Studio and Gallery
“Air” presents an exhibit with work from eight different St. Louis-based photographers and filmographers at SOHA. Visitors will witness beautiful images of creatures, objects or places affected by the concept of air and its influence.

How We See Her
March 14-April 25, Foundry Art Centre
Juror Janice Nesser-Chu oversees “How We See Her,” which takes a look at the different perceptions of the modern woman. Through examining changing roles, beliefs, accomplishments and even shortcomings, this is an important exhibit with both historical and contemporary value.

Impressionist France: Visions of Nation from Le Gray to Monet
March 16-July 6, Saint Louis Art Museum
Filled to the brim with beautiful 19th-century impressionist works, this exhibit features great artists like Claude Monet, Gustave Le Gray, Camille Pissarro and Edgar Degas. Consider France’s true identity at this time as the different pieces present competing ideas of either a modern and industrialized country or a more rural or anti-modern landscape.

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